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Reverting to EasyNAS 0.6.5

Due to a kernel bug that came with EasyNAS 0.6.6, there is an issue removing old filesystem. We’ve decided to revert the ISO update to 0.6.5, However you can still install version 0.6.5 and upgrade to 0.6.6 using the upgrade … Continue reading

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EasyNAS v0.6.6

Enhancements of Language support Added UI for language support – supporting English, German and Portuguese Added Recycle option for Samba Many Bug Fixes

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EasyNAS v0.6.5

there are many changes in this release, many of them are under the hood, users will notice in speed improvements. a new design for addons  to allow users write there own, and update only addons without a new system update. … Continue reading

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how to install EasyNAS video

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Don't throw your 32bit servers yet

Since version 0.6.0 EasyNAS stopped the development of the 32bit version due to the fact that opensuse Leap was only available in 64bit. While old computers are great candidates for a NAS server, the fact that there is no 32bit … Continue reading

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EasyNAS v0.6.4

another EasyNAS release, adding access roles to groups, and fixing some minor issues in user management. Add:  Access roles in groups Add:  Description in user settings. Add:  Default group is grayed and can’t be removed Add:  Password settings for all … Continue reading

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a new EasyNAS review

take a look at a new review of EasyNAS: while this review was very critisism, some of the things he raised are true. EasyNAS is a developed system  ( this is why the version is below 1 ). I’ve … Continue reading

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New Site

I’ve created a new hosting site for EasyNAS, with more capacity and a future repository. This site is identical to the old one with few changes:  The  Forum was cleared from all posts.  anyone can comment on a post without … Continue reading

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EasyNAS v0.6.3

Few changes specifically in the web server service and the removal of the files browse that will be added in a future release of EasyNAS Add:  Quick unmount of a file system Add:  Multiple web servers using storage from a … Continue reading

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EasyNAS v0.6.2

a bug release version BugFix:  NFS was fixed BugFix:  TFTP was fixed

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