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    Adrian Wilson


    I set up a volume for software apps as follows;
    Volume Name: Software
    File System: FS01
    User Owner: nasadmin
    Group Owner: administrators
    User Permission: read&write
    Group Permission: read&write
    Others Permissions: read

    Then SAMBA as follows;
    Share Name: Software
    Volume Name: FS01/Software
    Read Only – not checked
    Allow Guest – checked
    Browsable – checked

    My PCs can see the files in the share but when they try and double click on an application install they get you don’t have permission to access \\nas01\software\standard\install.exe

    Is this a limitation or am I doing something wrong? I don’t want family from changing the files on these folders.


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    Hi Adrian,

    can it be that the install tries to extract files into the samba share ?
    if you are not using the same username & password on your computer , the access will be consider as other ( read according to your setup)

    I will try to duplicate your setup, and see if I’m getting the same result.


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    Adrian Wilson


    On my Windows 10 PC I shared a folder called software with read only for everyone and can install the software without issues on my other Win7 and Win10 PCs.

    I really like your EasyNAS and have migrated all my PC backups, software, and media over to it. Yours was the easiest to set up and configure verses FreeNAS or NAS4Free. Very impressed!!

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    Thank you for your kind words.
    there is a new version coming, after it’s out I will try to duplicate the env like yours with win10.


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