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    Does EasyNas support to login with a active directory user?

    It would be good to know this.
    We are thinking about to build a NAS with AFP support or Buy licenses for Acorns Access Connect.

    But with a own NAS the coasts would be much cheaper than with theses licenses.
    Best Regards

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    currently EasyNAS does not support AD integration,
    I did thought about it and had some plans to make a full authentication system.

    let me sleep on it,
    I might be able to put something in next release.


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    Haresh Veera

    1)Schedule Copy, move, Delete rename option. Their are many task need to be manually done, schedule common task will help lot.
    2)Also it would be appreciate if it support Online UPS, so that USP triggers EASYNAS in condition of power failure for proper shutdown. And Restart when Power is up and stable.

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    got it.
    I’ll put it into the roadmap.

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    Haresh Veera

    Can Online UPS Support can be integrated, so that Schedule Power off and Power on can be done.

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    it can be done.
    I will start to investigate how to do it, we want to support more than one vendor of UPS.
    I’ll add this to our roadmap.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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