Milestones / Roadmap

0.6.x – 1.x.x :

  •  Language
    • Directory structure
    • More languages ( Please HELP! )
      Already included in 0.6.6 : english, german, portuguese
    • Default language (e.g. english) DONE!
  • Addons
    • Seperate addons
    • Addons as subpackages (.rpms)
    • Repository for Addons with dependencies (.rpms)
  • WebUI
    • Icons Replacement
      • Single Color ?
      • Flat ?
      • As Font ?
    • UI replacement
      • With Dashboard
        • Users / Disks / Filesystem / Volumes / Health
        • Infos about : CPU, RAM, Processes, Temperatur


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6 Responses to Milestones / Roadmap

  1. Chris says:

    how long is the timline for this all? It is many of point’s and many work to do it!?!?
    Is Nextcloud a option for Owncloud?

    • yariv says:

      It will take some time, we are all working on EasyNAs in our spare time, we all have families and have a day job.
      Version 0.6.6 will be out soon with some bug fixes and language support the rest will be in 2017 🙂
      the owncloud addon will be the installation from the owncloud repo using EasyNAS storage. any addon to owncloud can be added but will require manual intervention,
      EasyNAS will support anything beside the storage.


  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the information.
    I fond the projekt very nice, but I am spoiled by openmediavault. 😉

  3. aDEO says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful project with us, Yariv! Keep up the good work!

  4. Charly says:

    Thanks for this project.
    Addons Suggestions :
    Downloading tools = transmission, jdownloader, etc…
    S.M.A.R.T status monitoring , and syncro tools

    • christian says:

      Thanks for liking the Project!
      Downloading tools like transmission, jdownloader, youtube-dl and others
      can be integrated in the future, first we have investigate other things first.
      (debug, code-review, …)
      We edit the Roadmap with your suggestions asap and hope you enjoying EasyNAS.
      What syncro tools do you mean? Rsync? Rsync is always in EasyNAS,
      but if have an other idea or suggestion, please let us know.
      King Regards,

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