EasyNAS 1.0 Beta 3 is out

This version is a bug fix version. Shutdown & Restart are working properly, network setting is working fine, Chinese language is now downloadable, Firmware updates is now faster, Addons installation works fine. You won’t need to download the ISO of the new...

EasyNAS 1.0 Beta-1

This doesn’t mean it’s finished. it only means that the firmware update can take this version up to 1.0 GA. Almost most of the features are ready, still there are some edges that need to attend to. Still need to test everything but it will be easier with...

EasyNAS site is now secure

I’ve implemented https on site and repo to make things more discreet. Thanks to Let’s Encrypt and there free certificate we have a valid certificate.

Alpha 3 is here

we’ve continue improving EasyNAS 1.0it’s not ready yet but it’s almost thereBeta version is near.

Alpha 2 is available

Alpha 2 of EasyNAS is available, it fixes few things from Alpha 1 and add some more features and GUI design, to show the development improvement.There are many things under the hood that are not visible to the users.This version is for testing only and shouldn’t...