I’m writing this post while compiling EasyNAS v.05.3.
I’ve found 2 serious bugs that will affect any user of EasyNAS.
Due to bug in kernel 3.16, BTRFS file system can’t be mounted after restart when using devices in ftab file.  I’ve changed the format from devices to uuid that works great and also reduced the code in more than 10  lines.
The new version fixes the mount issue, however file system need to be unmount and remount again for the new settings to take affect.
Don’t restart your NAS before doing this.

Another serious bug was in SSL that was introduced in v0.5.2
With the bug fixes I’ve also added access control feature to prevent unauthorized access to the web management console and some cosmetic changes.

Unless a new bug will be found, the next version will take some time due to changes I want to do in the firmware module. It will allow me to add external modules without the need to reinstall EasyNAS , the modules like:   MySQL, Radius, OWN Cloud, or any 3rd party application will be added without needing to reinstall or even restart the NAS.

I hope you’ll upgrade  as soon as possible.