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hi there i am fixed to use 0.7.2 since that is the last one is supported i386 CPUs (32Bit). Is there any possibility to fix the known issues like Language not persist, IP-Adress could not changed? I tried to install easyNas through a virtulized envoirment straight on an DOM (Disc on Module), because the HW i want to run with easynas is a very old system without graphical output possibility (graphic connector). So the only way is to install easynas through this virtual envoirment (vmware fusion 15) and after installation and configuration i can maybe put the dom into the NAS and try to ressurect it.

Even when i try to change things over the shell – there is only one folder bin, i think i am on the installation media, not on the flashdisk i installed easynas. Could this be? and if it is so – how can i change folder to change settings in my configuration?

Hope this Project is still alive, and someone has similar issues like i have. Please stay health and thanks a lot for your answers.
Greets Max