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    OK so I am evaluating EasyNAS and although it seems very basic seems to be missing some fundamental features namely SMART disk monitoring. This is crucial to giving a heads up to the status of the disk and any potential on set failures. It seems smartmontools is not even installed on the base OS so even a log of errors could not be show.

    Granted I know EasyNAS is a relatively immature project but I would recommend it sorts out the fundamentals of a NAS device and at least get disk error detection and replacement baked in before anything else.

    That being said I do like how it seamlessly integrates into btrfs and like that aspect greatly.

    Am I being too naive or is this project in a permanent Alpha state?

    Not trying to be aggressive just trying to clarify where we all stand.


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    Hi Don

    Thanks for your comments,
    indeed smart tools is something I wish to implement.
    Due to the fact I’m rewriting the entire GUI and since I’m the only one that maintain EasyNAS, it takes me time to implement stuff.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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