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    Hello EasyNAS community,
    I’m about to do a test install of EasyNAS for use as a home storage server.

    Must have
    – RAID 0
    – SMB, FTP filesharing, with granular control of Users/Groups
    – Plex
    – Off site backup with *Alibaba Object Storage System (S3 compatible)

    * I can accomplish this easily with the Minio command line client + cron. It is available as a Docker image.

    Are there any major gotcha’s associated with using Docker on EasyNAS?

    [Why aren’t Linux/BSD NAS distro’s embracing Docker/Flatpak/Electron/Snap instead of proprietary hard to maintain/update ‘plugins’?]


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    still didn’t tried to implement everything in a docker image.
    the issue is especially in easynas, that the filesystem is bases on the kernel
    so even if I can update the docket very often, it will still use the kernel from the host.

    I have a way to update EasyNAS with a kernel and still save all the settings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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