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    Jakub Kadlec

    Hi I am useing EasyNAS-0.8.1 and i can not make work FTP server in the settings of FTP I have only ### NOT IMPLIMENTED ###. But i thank you very much it is really good working but FTP not it is very sad for me :/ thank you for any soulution

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    Hi Jakub

    FTP allows you to download / upload files, currently there is no other settings beside turning it on or off.
    when you are turning FTP on , you can use any EasyNAS user credentials to connect the FTP server. you will be able to download or upload a file based on the user ownership

    I hope this helps.


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    Hi i’m using EasyNAS – 0.8.0 um.. I have installed EasyNAS on pc
    but i can’t activation AFP(it does not turn on, even if i click the on/off button).

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    I am having trouble connecting to EasyNAS via FTP. I have port forwarding for port 21 enabled on my router and pointed to my local EasyNAS IP, however, I am not able to connect. I checked and I do have FTP turned on in EasyNAS.

    Also, is there a more secure way to connect to my EasyNAS server remotely? I keep a lot of personal information on there, and I would prefer to have some level of security.

    Tried to email, but it will no go through.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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