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    I am a long-time user of OpenSUSE so I am excited to see that you chose it for the basis of your NAS project.

    I have many questions about EasyNAS:

    1) What is the web interface based on, was it another open source project you forked?

    2) Are the Snapper + zypper + GRUB snapshot boot functions of OpenSUSE included/functional?

    3) Do you build your OS using the Open Build Service / kiwi?

    4) Do you have any plans to expand the project to other developers, create a foundation, etc.?

    5) Does zypper work? Can I install OpenSUSE packages? (Like ZFS?????!!!)

    Very curious. Thanks!

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    Haoxian Zeng

    +1 to this project and the questions promoted by AveryFreeman. I share the same wonders because I am just preparing to built a home NAS based on openSUSE Leap myself then I come into this project.

    It is help to have an introduction of EasyNAS showing how it is built and what is the features reserved/removed from openSUSE and the features added to openSUSE.

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    Haoxian Zeng

    Sorry for the bother. I finally found that the DOCUMENTATION menu is clickable along with the submenu of “SCREEN SHOTS”.

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    Hi Avery

    sorry for the late response, I’ll try to answer all of your questions:

    1. The web interface is a free CSS that I’m using via perl templates plugin that allows me to easily draw any menu I want.

    2. yes it’s all of those are included

    3. I’ve used kiwi to build the installation

    4. any help is welcome, I’m not looking , it’s just a hobby.

    5. you can. but why do you need zfs when you have BRTFS ?

    I’d be happy to answer any other question.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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