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    Dave A.

    Thanks Yariv for making EasyNAS it loaded right up and so far works better than some other NAS Ive been trying.
    Is it possible to mount USB drives and incorporate them into a Volume? with Sata drives? or do they need to be two seperate?
    All the drives are either 3 or 4 TB 3 sata 4 usb drives

    I see all my sata drives but I dont see any of the USB drives I have plugged in. Ive seen them on other operating system on this computer. Im somewhat of a novice to Linux, but have done some command line stuff but mostly cut and paste. I understand that Linux goes and looks for drives in a text file that it will mount, that drives that the operating system sees are put in a folder called dev, but that doesnt mean they are mounted. Am I even close? How do I see the file system in EasyNAS and how do I get to a terminal or is there an easier GUI way?

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    Dave A.

    Ive looked around the internet and I found the shell on EasyNAS back up at the server
    I used the df -h command and no USB drives and the lsblk -d command and not even under the block devices so I will assume I need a usb driver for the card I have?

    I use a CD live version of Parted Magic and it sees all the drives and gives me the USB 3 card manufacture name Renesas Technology Corp uPd720201 USB 3 Host Controller 9rev0.3)(prog-if 30 [XHCI])

    and I used OMV, & Turnkey and they could read usb but I could never get them to work right So far Easy NAS and I would like to give it as much time as did the others. So what would you suggest do you think it is a driver problem could you steer me in the right direction?
    has been much better

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    Dave A.

    Wanted to update maybe it will help some one else not sure if I have flaky hardware or what. But when I went upstairs to the server notice that all the hard drives (USB) were flashing like they were in sleep
    unplugged them repluged got a solid light restarted the computer and now they show up and the problem solved for now. This is new drives and New usb 3 card with old Hardware AMD 64 2 core and MB cira 2004-2008, Hardware had laying around EasyNAS is working good so far even with this hardware

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    thanks for sharing.
    I’ll try to add some native usb support

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