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    Hello, I’m trying your NAS distro and I configure the WebUI to make a samba share for Windows. See the configuration below :

    – For the file system
    FS Name : share
    RAID Level : JBOD
    Compression: None
    Mount Options: R&W
    SSD Optimization: No
    Auto Defrag: No

    – For the volume
    Volume Name: bernard
    File System: share
    User Owner: bernard
    Group Owner: users
    User Permission: R&W
    Group Permission: R
    Others Permissions: No
    File System Quota Limit:10485760 KBytes

    -For the smb share

    Name: bernard
    Volume Name: share/bernard
    Read Only : No
    Allow Guest : No
    Browsable : Yes
    Recycle : No

    In the smb.conf section there is nothing in the share section, only in [global] and the on/off service button for samba doesn’t do nothing and doesn’t move from on to off or reverse

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    It’s in a virtualbox VM and the network is in bridge mode. The VM is pingable

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    I’ve taken a new VM and installed EsayNAS 0.7.2 with the same configuration you described
    but everything worked correctly.
    I can think of one thing, if you’ve started samba from CLI the on/off buttons won’t work for you,
    since easynas is using a diffrent service named: easynas-smb

    and the configuration is located under /etc/easynas/smb.conf and not /etc/smb.conf

    I hope it helps.


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    Hello, Thanks for your answer.
    The easynas-smb service work fine now but the buttons for samba and minidln doesn’t do anything at all. At the first start and configure, the services are inactive (the CLI command “sudo service easynas-smb status” return that answer) and the button in WebUI is on the green position (service start). It does the same in a Qemu VM.

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    thank you for this information,
    I am checking it.


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