it’s been more than a month ago since openSUSE 13.2 was out. The new OS gives BTRFS a better stable better performance better file system and a better EasyNAS.
Since version 0.1.0 I’ve been using SuseStudio to create EasyNAS installation packages.
While EasyNAS 0.5.0 code is ready, it’s not out yet due to the fact that SuseStudio haven’t released support for the new OpenSUSE.  While SuseStudio is the best online Linux distribution creator, I want to give users the updates as soon as they are finished.
Therefore in the next release I will use my own distribution and installation based on the opensource project:  KIWI.

And now for the Good News:

EasyNAS 0.5.0  is in testing stage, will be released in the next year on the 1.1.2015