The OpenSuse team has started working a brand new version called:  42. The new release will include core SUSE Linux Enterprise source code that will give the openSUSE project a path forward for future released. The new version is scheduled to be released around SUSECon which is in Amsterdam this year from Nov 2 – 6.

Since EasyNAS base is based on OpenSuse,  and each new openSUSE release create a new EasyNAS major release,   EasyNAS 0.6.0  will be released as soon as all the compatibility testing will be done. Until then version 0.5.8 will be out soon and I’ll start working on 0.5.9 to improve GUI and stability of the system and insert the foundation of plugin based system that will allow you to add and remove components without the need to reinstall the system.  There is a lot what to expect