It’s been a while since a new release was published. While some of you thought the project is stopped or suspended I wanted to update you all about what is comming:

  • EasyNAS 0.5.9 is in testing stages and going to be released very soon.  You will find a new design for the plugins and more features to them.  you will also see support for DLNA ( at last) and an enhanced scheduler.  I hope the testing will be finished in a week (if a major bug isn’t discover).
  • all new downloads will have a MD5 checksum, this will prevent any one from putting spyware into my original distribution and share it to all.
  • OpenSUSE 42.1 will be out in about a month, After version 0.5.9 is out I will start version 0.6.0 that will be based on the new OS.   you will find a better stability, better security and the foundation for the future updates for 0.6.x   versions.
    The new EasyNAS will require a complete re-install since it’s a new kernel.  but don’t worry your data is still safe, just re-mount it.

    I am very exited from version 0.6.0 ,  I hope you’ll like it.